New Hope for Children has created a partnership in Accra, Ghana to provide loving homes for deserving infants and children through inter-country adoption. Directors,  Alisa and Tim Karwowski, have traveled to Ghana and have established relationships with the Director of Social Welfare and Children’s Issues and has created a team of adoption professionals  in-country. New Hope has attorneys, facilitators, drivers and accommodations   for adoptive parents to work directly with you while traveling. We are honored to have been given this opportunity to create or expand your family through international adoption and we are grateful to have had personal experiences with the people you will be working directly with throughout your adoption journey. 

 Our team of trusted adoption professionals 

Our team of trusted adoption professionals 

 There are twelve orphanages in the eastern region of Ghana. The children available            for adoption are generally male or female from six months to five years old. 

About Ghana

Ghana, “The Island of Peace,” is located on the West Coast of Africa. The primary language in Ghana is English but you will also get to enjoy listening to native tribal languages while you are visiting. It is an easy place to visit as there are no needs for translation services and they drive on the right side of the road. Most importantly, the people are incredibly friendly and helpful. You will see someone who lives on the side of the road who will acknowledge you with a warm smile and wave, as if to say, “enjoy your day.”

Hague Convention

New Hope for Children is a COA Hague Accredited Adoption Agency, #3040. New Hope provides all six adoption services to New Hampshire residents and provides referral services for a home study provider in your state of residence.

The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of  Inter-country Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention) went into effect in Ghana on  January 1, 2017. After reviewing Ghana’s implementing legislation and meeting  with the Central Authority in Ghana, the U.S Department of State determined that  the United States is able to partner with Ghana as a Convention country and begin processing Hague adoptions. As of March 3, 2017, we are now accepting:

 Form I-800A, Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a      Convention Country from prospective adoptive parents wishing to adopt a child who is habitually resident in Ghana, and Form I-800, Petition to Classify Convention  Adoptee as an Immediate Relative for a child who is habitually resident in Ghana (with Form I-800A approval notice).

Information provided by: Council of Accreditation (COA)

Requirements for adopting in Ghana

Ghana Inter-country Adoption Process:

All international adoptions by United States Citizens in Ghana must follow the Hague Convention. The process is broken down into steps:

1.       Apply to adopt in Ghana through New Hope for Children.

2.       Complete the home study to satisfy USICS and Ghana requirements

3.       File the I-800 A with USCIS to be granted approval to adopt

4.       Receive a referral of the infant/child to be adopted

5.       File dossier with officials in Ghana

6.       Meet infant/child and file with government to adopt this specific infant/child. File I-800 with US Embassy in Accra, Ghana. Once your I-800 has been approved, you will obtain immigrant visa for your son/daughter.

7.       Travel home with your child. Your child will receive their US Citizenship at the Port of Entry into the US. See (Children’s Citizens Act of 2000).

8.       While your son/daughter’s adoption is finalized in Ghana, you will also want to re-adopt them in probate court in your state of residence. New Hope will walk you through this process in the state in which you reside. This will generate a US birth certificate.

9.       Apply for a social security card for your child. You MUST do this to qualify for the adoption tax credit. 

Ghana Adoption requirements

In addition to the USCIS eligibility requirements for prospective adoptive parent(s), Ghana has the following adoption eligibility requirements. If you feel you are not eligible to adopt from Ghana, please contact us for a free case-by-case consultation regarding your adoption.

  • Citizenship: One adoptive parent must be a US citizen.
  • Age: Adoptive parents must be at least 25 years of age. The parent must be at least 21 years older than the adoptive child. Parents over 50 years old are considered on a case-by-case basis if one parent meets the requirements.
  • Marriage Status: Married couples and single woman are eligible to adopt. There are no prior divorce restrictions. 
  • Previous Children: Smaller families with less than 5 children living in the home are preferred.
  • Income: There is no minimum income required. However, you must meet the income requirements provided by USCIS for the child to immigrate.
  • Criminal History: Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence or domestic violence are not eligible to adopt.
  • Ghana adoption eligibility requirements are subject to change per Ghana’s adoption laws. New Hope for Children updates these guidelines as necessary.

Information provided by: Department of State, USCIS

If you would like more information about our program call an adoption consultant today at (603)842-4794 or

Ghana Adoption Fee 

Prospective parents can expect the fee for their international adoption in Ghana to cost around $29,000. Parents can expect to have additional fees associated with the home study, I-800 and I-800A and travel costs for one trip to Ghana. There are additional fees for adopting each sibling.

In the event of an interruption of an adoption plan that is not within the control of the adoptive parents, fees already paid will be applied to another adoption whenever circumstances allow.

You may be eligible for a federal tax credits for some or all of your adoption fees. Tax credits can be as high as $13,400. Consult your tax professional to determine your eligibility.

What to Expect

 There are twelve orphanages in the eastern region of Ghana. The children available for adoption are generally male or female from six months to five years old. The children in Ghana become available for international adoption by parental abandonment or relinquishment. Some children residing in the orphanages are not eligible for adoption as they can live there for a period of time in which the family is experiencing financial hardship. Parents of those who are permitted to be adopted have chosen this plan for the opportunity for their child to have the best life possible with all of the opportunities every child deserves.

Once you have received your USCIS approval, you will complete the application to adopt in Ghana. New Hope will present the referral to you and you will make plans to travel to Accra, Ghana. You will meet the child soon after your arrival and you will stay with the child for a short fostering period. During this time, our team will work with you to complete the I-800 for the child’s visa as well as prepare documents for court.

It is very important to recognize the transition your child is going through during this time in their young lives. While the orphanage conditions seem poor, the children are loved by their caretakers and their little friends are all they know. Remaining in Ghana while they are given the time to bond with their forever families will allow for them to feel more comfortable as they can still eat the food they are used to and ultimately, take this time of transition more slowly.

 The fostering period provides for a wonderful opportunity for adopting parents to bond with their new child absent the distractions of work, and other commitments from home. During your fostering period, social workers will visit with you to ensure things are going well and will also be a support to you and your family while you are in country. During these weeks, we also encourage families to visit as much of the country of their child’s origin in an effort to have a more thorough understanding of your child’s birthplace, culture and heritage.

The fostering period is generally a short period of time, typically not more than three weeks. If necessary, it is permissible for one parent to return to the US during this period if need be. New Hope will work with you to be sure the proper Power of Attorney paperwork is in place so that the absence does not hinder the actual adoption process.


New Hope directors have adopted all of their children, two internationally and one domestically. We have been in your shoes and feel privileged to walk alongside and support you through your adoption journey.