Santiago, Marcia and James

Santiago, Marcia and James

We are looking forward to welcoming a new child into our family to also share all of our loves and passions with.
— Marcia and James

dear birth mother:

Dear birth mother,

We'd like to introduce our family. We are a family of three from Exeter, NH. Marcia grew up in Guaymas, Mexico and James is from Hudson, MA. We have a beautiful fun loving 4 year old son, Santiago. He is a sweet and intelligent boy who loves telling stories, reading books, playing with anything that moves and exploring outside. He enjoys being with other children and is very excited to have a new brother or sister to join our family.

We live in a beautiful small town with an outstanding school system and great access to outdoor and city life activities. Our family loves exploring around our area. We love to take Santiago out to go climbing, hiking and kayaking. We also enjoy exploring the local children's museums and children activities in Boston. We are looking forward to welcoming a new child into our family to also share all of our loves and passions with.

Education is a priority for us and we strive to provide the best education possible for our children. We moved to Exeter last year because of their excellent school systems. We also have Santiago enrolled in a Montessori school to instill a love of learning and exploration. Your child would also attend the Montessori School and Exeter schools with Santiago.

The additional benefit of living in Exeter is that we were able to purchase a home with a large backyard to provide lots of room for kids to run around and explore. We also have hiking trails directly across the street from our house for additional space to explore. Your child would also be able to have his/her own room in our house.

We love traveling as much as possible. Marcia's family still lives in Mexico and we travel there at least once a year to visit her family lives or other areas in Mexico. These trips provide a great opportunity for Santiago to further develop his Spanish.  We relish the opportunity to have a multi-cultural and bi-lingual house.

We can offer as a family, our love and support, and we'll do our best to provide whatever your child will need. We only hope we will be good parents for him/her and that s/he will be happy with us. We are fortunate to both have flexible jobs working from home that will allow us the ability to stay home as long as possible after the child's birth.


Marica and James