Your Support Makes the Difference

We have recently launched a campaign to raise funds to make it possible to open two new satellite offices in Ethiopia and Uganda. In 2016, our goal is to open fully staffed primary 'providerships' with completely new teams of legal facilitators, translators, drivers and other support personnel.

A Message from New Hope President, Alisa Karwowski

“The orphans of Uganda and Ethiopia have both touched and broken my heart. It is our mission and New Year goal to help these children find their forever families. We have a couple who, volunteering in an orphanage in Ethiopia four years ago, fell in love with a beautiful little girl. They knew immediately she was their daughter. However, without a primary providership in-country, she is unable to come home. Recently the little girl told another volunteer that, “my parents must have forgotten about me, because they never came back for me”. It is this story and many others that drive us to open these offices as quickly as we can. Your generous donations will make this possible and we will finally be able to tell this little girl, that her parents could never and have never forgotten about her.”

Please go to our PayPal link to make your fully tax deductible donation. It may not change the world, but it will be a world of change for these deserving children.