Welcome Birth Mothers

Birth mothers are the real HEROES

We offer counseling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call us at (603) 953-6881

I am pregnant and I need to know my options….          

New Hope for Children’s adoption specialists meet with pregnant women either in person or over the phone to answer questions while you are considering all of your options. You will learn about the adoption process so that you can make the best decision for you and your baby.

New Hope offers free, professional counseling to all birth mothers as they navigate their way through their pregnancy, birth and after birth.

An adoption plan does not cost you anything. You can expect to have many expenses covered during your pregnancy and following the birth. Many mothers receive financial support that they can use toward their daily living expenses.

Your personal social worker will work with you to create your birth plan. We often take mothers to visit the maternity ward prior to their due date.

It is important to remember that you are in the “driver’s seat” throughout your pregnancy, delivery and adoption plan. You need to make the best decisions for you and your baby. We are here to talk to you and are excited to help you in any way we can during this emotional time. 

 New Hope Services for Birth Parents

  • Birth Mother Counseling
  • Create an Adoption Plan 
  • Help You Discuss Your Adoption with Loved Ones
  • Discuss What to Expect in the Final Weeks of Your Pregnancy
  • Discuss What Open Adoption Means for You, Your Family and the New Baby
  • Counseling and Support Managing Your Bills and Work Schedule 
  • Guidance with Your Medical Leave Rights
  • Postpartum Counseling
  • Lifelong Guidance & Support





“Even though the second week following the delivery was the hardest, I still have no regrets and am so happy I stuck with my adoption plan for my baby.” Pam, Birth Mother

“I was so glad to meet Alisa. I had some parts of my story that I was ashamed of. She did not judge me and was so understanding even when I ultimately did not make an adoption plan for my son.” Jill, Birth Mother

“I was so glad that Alisa took me on a tour of the maternity ward before I delivered my baby. Having her with me, when no one else was, made things so much easier on me.” Sarah, Birth Mother